Epic Games Activate – Enter Code To Link Account

Epic Games Activate Fornite on Console



The last thing any player wants is to lose all of their progress when switching to a new console. Ugh. Fortunately, Epic has you covered!

In order to get started, you’ll want to make sure you have your phone or computer nearby.

Now go ahead and fire up that console and launch Fortnite.

Next, navigate to www.epicgames.com/activate and you’ll see a message that says “Link Epic Games Account”.

Once you link your account you’ll be able to add ALL of your progress and game data to your new console. If that doesn’t put a little hop in your step the rest of the day we don’t know what will! Now let’s go ahead and check out the steps you’ll need to get those accounts linked!


Linking Your Account at www.epicgames.com/activate

  • Grab your laptop or phone and zip on over to the activation page
  • Once you arrive type in the code shown on your phone
  • Give the Continue button a tap and you’ll appear at a login screen
  • Simply login in and VOILA – you’re epic games account has been linked

By the way you can click the Learn More link at www.epicgames.com/activate to bring up a guide that walks you though the entire process (kinda like this one!).This is usually a good idea if you’re having troubles with linking your account. However, if the process is a breeze (as it should be) just go ahead and login, link the account, and get on with your game.

Please note that in addition to your Epic Games login you can also use a variety of third party accounts when signing in. Just take a look above to login fields and click the icon you’d like to use.




Epic Games Fortnite Activation Code FAQs

Is my activation code case sensitive?

The best rule of thumb when entering your code is to enter the characters exactly as they appear on your screen.

How long will my Fornite code last after the system generates it?

Please refer to the bottom section of the activation screen to view the exact amount of time your code is valid before expiration.

What should I do if my code doesn’t work?

Navigate back to www.epicgames.com/activate and restart the process to receive a new code and activate your Fortnite account.


Final Notes on www.epicgames.com/activate

Optional third party logins include Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Google, and Facebook.

If your linking is successful you’ll get a confirmation message and the page will refresh.

You may have to enable pop-ups if you want this linking process to work correctly.