Tell Your Market Customer Survey – Redeem Offer


  • You’ll need to be connected to the internet to complete the survey
  • The survey requires information from your store receipt
  • Review the sample image to find the required information
  • You can review the Terms & Conditions at

Customer feedback is vital to the success of any business. Whether the feedback be face to face or through something like sales figures, businesses always love to hear how they’re doing from the people who matter most.

And guess what? Many times you can be rewarded for sharing your valuable opinions. For instant, if you’ve been directed to you’ll receive an incredible offer in exchange for your thoughts. Let’s find out more!


Take the Tell Your Market Survey & Redeem Offer

In order to take the survey and redeem your offer you’ll need to complete a few easy steps. Here’s How.

  1. First enter the date you visited the store as shown on your purchase receipt
  2. Next enter the time of your visit as outlined on your receipt
  3. Type in the survey code (you’ll need to enter it across 5 different boxes)
  4. Finally, launch the survey and answer all of the questions to receive your offer

By the way the offer is in the form of a validation code that you can use at your next visit. Make sure to right it down and store it in a safe place! Afterall, you don’t want anything standing in the way of you and that juicy offer. Especially not something like a lost code. You put in the work, reap your rewards!


Quick Tips For Completing the Survey at

First things first. If you’re having problems locating the receipt information there’s a handy sample image provided at the Tell Your Market survey. Simply locate the infromation you’re looking for an punch it into the survey!

In addition to the sample image, the survey also provides an accessibility friendly version that you can access by clicking the link at the top of the page. Lasty, you can review the full terms and conditions of the survey by using the link at the bottom of