Tell Blaze Pizza Survey – Claim Your Sweet Treat


tell blaze pizza at


  • Customers can take a quick survey in exchange for a sweet treat
  • You must provide some basic information about your visit to begin
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish


Like to be rewarded? Have a few minutes to spare? You can now tell Blaze Pizza how your recent visit went in exchange for a free dessert at your next visit. If this sounds like a good deal you can begin by entering  the location of your visit at


Steps For Completing the Tell Blaze Pizza Survey


  1. Use the drop down box to select the country, state, and location of the visit
  2. Enter the date and time before clicking the Start button to pull up the survey
  3. Answer all of the questions regarding your experience at Blaze Pizza


By the way, you’ll need to provide an email address at the end of the survey to receive your free treat. Once provided you’ll receive instructions on how to claim the dessert at your next visit to Blaze Pizza.

While, the survey is pretty straight forward, there are a few things you should review prior to getting started.


Consumer Review of


  • The survey provides a copy of it’s privacy policy at the bottom of the start page
  • You can also view the terms of service for the survey administrator SMG
  • Click the Espanol link if you’d rather take the Tell Blaze Pizza survey in Spanish


So what are you’re thoughts? Is a few minutes of your time worth a sweet treat at your next visit to Blaze Pizza? The offer certainly seems like a good one to us. With delicious desserts at Blaze Pizza like the S’more Pie and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie this may be one survey that is too SWEET to pass up on!


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