Steak N Shake Visit Survey – Enter Code To Begin


  • You’ll need the 15 digit code from the bottom of your receipt
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • An accessibility friendly version of the survey is available
  • You can review the Terms & Conditions before getting started


How To Launch the Steak N Shake Visit Survey


It’s not everyday you can let a restaurant know EXACTLY how you felt about a recent experience. Thanks to the convenient online survey posted at, steak burger enthusiasts from across the country can do exactly that.

In order to get started you’ll need to grab your purchase receipt and hop on the internet. Next, pull up the survey and enter the 15 digit code located at the bottom of your receipt. Once you’ve entered the code click Start to proceed.

By the way, the survey provides some helpful information that you can review before getting started with your feedback. See the section below to find out more.


Helpful Tip: Make sure you’ve entered the code EXACTLY as it appears on your receipt. Otherwise, you may not be able to proceed with the survey. 


Additional Features at


  1. You can access the accessibility friendly version of the survey by clicking the corresponding link
  2. Click the Terms of Service link for more information about the Steak N Shake Visit survey
  3. Wondering how your info will be shared? Click the Privacy Policy link to find out more
  4. If you’d rather take the survey in Spanish activate the Espanol link at the bottom of the page

Once you’ve gone through each question of the survey you can submit your feedback to Steak N’ Shake and get on with your day. Hopefully the restaurant can use the information you’ve provided to correct mistakes and make the next visit a little smoother. Likewise, your positive feedback at can help ensure the things you enjoyed about the visit are implemented by Steak N Shake going forward.