Paperless Employee Whataburger – Account Login


  • You can login using your User ID and password
  • New employees must create an account to begin
  • Username and password recovery is available
  • You can view account info in English, French, or Spanish


Accessing Your Paperless Employee Whataburger Account

If you’ve arrived at you’re likely wanting to access your employee account to view paystubs, retrieve tax statements, or gather online forms. Fortunately the process for access your Paperless Employee Whataburger account is VERY easy.

In order to access your account you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Let’s find out exactly how to login or activate your account so you can get the info you need and get on with your busy day!


Steps For Access Your Account at

Existing Users

  1. If you’ve already signed up for account skip the account creation process
  2. Enter your User ID into the first login field shown on the page
  3. Next enter your password directly below the User ID field
  4. Click login to enter your account and access your information


New Users

  1. Click the Create Account button to bring up the online registration form
  2. Enter your Employee ID, SSN, and date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy format)
  3. Confirm you’re not a pesky robot and authenticate your account

By the way, Family Members (a slick way for saying regular employees) must use the number they sign in and out of work with as their Employee ID. Meanwhile, supervisors and area managers must reach out to the Whataburger employees payroll team to get the information they need. Bummer.


Account Features at

Now that you have your account up and running you must be wondering what on earth you can sue it for. Good question! Here are just a few things your new account can provide.

Early Access to W2 – Get your forms earlier and in a reliable touch-free electronic format

E-Forms- All of your employee forms in one convenient online hub

Pay & Tax Info – Never get left in the dark and gather your payroll data securely and electrotonically


That about wraps things up. Overall the Paperless Employee Whataburger account is an amazing tool for new and existing employees alike so hopefully you’ve learned some vital information today!

Just one more thing. You can change the language shown on your screen by clicking the links at the top right hand side of