My All Savers Connect Login – UHC Member & Provider Portal

  • You can enter the portal with a username and password
  • Intended for members, employers, providers, and brokers
  • If you’re a new user you can sign up for online access
  • A variety of handy tools are featured at the portal


All Savers Login at


Overall, the My All Savers Connect portal from UHC is fairly easy to use.  In order to gain access, simply type in your password along with the username associated with your account.  Once you’ve successfully logged in you’ll have access to all the perks and benefits associated with your online account.  However, if your brand new to the portal, you’ll first need to register.  To do so, click the link below the login field at and clarify which type of user you are (member, employer, provider).  After signing up you can return to the login and proceed.

Just like many of the greatest employee discount portals, you’ll be ready to start saving in no time!

Featured at the My All Savers Connect Provider 

  • UHC Motion – Sign up and save on medical expenses just for walking around!
  • Doctor Search – Because finding the doctor you need shouldn’t be a pain
  • Rally – Informative videos, articles, and engaging sweepstakes are available
  • Just Plain Clear – Find out what those confusing health terms REALLY mean

In addition to easy login and registration, the All Savers login portal also provides easy access to a variety of general information.  To find out more, click the Member, Employer, Broker, or Provider tab and see what information is available for reference.  Additionally, members have access to a Welcome Guide that shows details on how to use the portal (please note the guide is in PDF format).


All Savers Login UHC Provider & Member Portal Help

If questions remain after taking a look at the Welcome Guide, you can always call UHC customer service for further help (or just cut to the chase and skip the guide all together!). Please note customer service is available between the hours of 7:30 AM and 8 PM CST Monday through Friday.

UHC Customer Service Number

  • 866-414-1959

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