Learn How to Enter the Racin’ for Bacon Giveaway

  • The only way to enter is at the online registration page
  • You can sign up for exclusive savings while entering
  • The sweepstakes limits entries to 1 per person
  • Ya gotta read those Official Rules before entering

Who says learning can’t be fun?  Smithfield is about to giveaway a jaw-dropping ONE MILLION slices of bacon and you’re about to find out how you could win 100,000 of them (feel free to take a moment to wipe the drool from your mouth).  In order to register for the Racin’ for Bacon 1 Million Slice Giveaway, you’ll first need to visit www.racinforbacongiveaway.com and provide your name, zip code, and email address.  Once you’ve entered the required information you’ll need to confirm whether or not you currently buy Smithfield products before continuing with the registration process.

Racin’ for Bacon Giveaway Prize Details
  • The 100,000 slices is awarded as 6,250 packs of Smithfield bacon (YUMMMM)
  • The total value of each of the 10 Grand Prizes comes to a whopping $43,688
  • If you’re not a fan of bacon you can opt to receive the above cash equivalent
  • If you choose the bacon you’ll get a single shipment of all 6,250 packs
  • You are on the hook for all taxes associated with your prize (bummer)
  • Overall value is even higher than the Dream Home in the Zone promotion
  • Full prize details are available under section of the Official Rules

Speaking of the rules, you’ll need to check a box to confirm you’ve read them before you can enter the giveaway.  In addition to the rules box, you have the option of checking another box to sign up to receive exclusive savings before completing registration (you might want to consider as you’ll get a $1 off coupon if you do!).

Finally, if you want to find out who won the 10 prizes send a request for the winners list to 8050 Rowan Road, Suite 200, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066.  Please note that your request must be received within 90 days from the end of the promotion.

Sponsor of the Racin’ for Bacon Giveaway
  • Smithfield Foods Inc.
  • 200 Commerce Street, Smithfield, VA 23430

Ready to bring home the bacon??  – www.racinforbacongiveaway.com

Learn How to Make Collections Payments to PMAB

  • You can create an account to complete an online payment
  • Login with a User ID and password if you already have an account
  • Convenient online password recovery assistance is provided
  • You can also make a payment without signing up for an account

Getting rid of a debt is something many folks have on their minds.  Unfortunately, sometimes this is easier said than done.  However, if you’ve received a collections notice from PMAB, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using its easy online payment system.  For instance, you can process an online payment REGARDLESS of whether you feel like signing up for an online account (what a relief!).  In order to pay without an account, simply enter your reference number and payment method to get started.

Paying With an Online Account 
  • First, you’ll need to go to www.payments.pmab.com and click the appropriate link
  • Next, fill out the required information to set up your account (reference number needed)
  • Once you sign up you’ll be able to complete your online payment
  • Additionally, you can check your balance and print your statements
  • Please note that you will receive email communications after you sign up

By the way, the system also provides easy online password recovery (for those who have created an account).  If you wish to reset a password, enter either your User ID or reference number.  Next, enter the email address associated with your account before clicking the Reset Password button (doesn’t get much easier than that now does it??).

PMAB is a part of the MedA/Rx group of companies.  MedA/Rx is a BBB accredited business and has been going strong since 1988.  If you have questions for MedA/RX, try reaching out to the company’s offices in Charlotte, NC.

MedA/Rx Contact Information
  • 4135 South Stream Blvd., Suite 400
  • Charlotte, NC 28217
  • Phone – 866-885-7622
  • Fax – 704-643-8418


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Jimmy John’s Dream Home In the Zone: How to Enter

Learn How to Enter the Dream Home in the Zone Promotion
  • You can register online after filling out the online entry form
  • The promotion requires a short essay on why you deserve the prize
  • You can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for assistance
  • A copy of the Official Rules is located at the registration page

Jimmy John wants YOU to live in one of their delivery zones!  So much so, the place is willing to pay $250,000 towards the purchase of a new pad in their delivery area.  However, you gotta do some convincing first!  to register for Jimmy John’s Dream Home In the Zone promotion, you’ll need to first visit the online entry page.  Once your at the entry page, provide your name, email address, and address.  Next, write an essay on why you want to move into a Jimmy John’s delivery zone before submitting your registration.

More on the Dream Home in the Zone Promotion
  • You must have a permanent address that’s outside of a Jimmy John’s delivery zone
  • The promotion will choose the 500 finalist RANDOMLY (this starts the judging period)
  • The date the 500 finalists will be drawn is October 7th, 2019 (good luck on being one!)
  • Meanwhile, the final 10 entrants will be determined by October 25th, 2019
  • The OFFICIAL Rules:  www.dreamhomeinthezone.com/rules

By the way, you can submit your entry between the dates of august 12th, 2019 and October 4th, 2019.  Once you’ve submitted your entry, sit back, relax, and try to remain calm.  The fate of your submission is now in the hands of a random selection and the contest’s judges.  If you happen to emerge as one of the 10 finalists, you should receive notice around October 25th, 2019.

Finally, if you’ve got questions about the promotion, try click the FAQs located at the bottom of the entry page.  In addition tot he FAQs, the entry page also has a link to Jimmy John’s online ordering menu (just in case that essay made ya hungry!).

Dream Home in the Zone Promotion Sponsor
  • Jimmy John’s Franchise, LLC
  • 2212 Fox Drive, Champaign, IL 61820

Online entry:  www.dreamhomeinthezone.com

Another Learning Opportunitiy



Parcel Pending Call Recording Settlement: How to File

Learn How to File for the Parcel Pending Call Recording Settlement
  • Filing a claim is the only way you’ll get a payment
  • Online claim filing DOES NOT appear to be available
  • The settlement only accepts 1 claim form per claimant

These days it’s rare to see a class action settlement that doesn’t offer online filing.  However, every once in a blue moon one will show up.  For example, the Parcel Pending Call Recording Settlement is only accept claim forms through the mail (no online filing and forms by email!).  In the event you forgot how to file the old school way, STAY CALM.  First, you’ll need to go to www.parcelpendingcallrecordingsettlement.com and click the Claim Form tab at the left hand side of the page.  Once the form appears, print it off, fill it out, and send to the administrator.

More About the Parcel Pending Call Recording Settlement
  • Resolves a class action lawsuit called Swigart Vs. Parcel Pending, Inc.
  • The suit was filed over outbound recorded calls placed to consumers
  • Covers call received between February 1st and October 3rd, 2018
  • The total amount of the Settlement Fund to cover claims is $400,000
  • Estimated payments are $71 per claim (if all Class Members file)

By the way, you’ll need to include your name, address, email address, and a good contact phone number on the claim form.  In addition to this information, you’ll also need to provide the email address where you received notice of the settlement.  Once you’ve filled out the entire form be sure to sign and date it before sending it away to the administrator.

Finally, it should be pointed out that the last day to file a claim is August 19th, 2019 (claim forms must be post-marked by this date).  In addition to being the filing deadline, August 19th, 2019 is also the last day for exclusion requests.  Meanwhile, October 21st, 2019 is the day the the fairness hearing will take place (it’s where they decide whether or not to approve the settlement).

Where to Send Your Claim Form
  • 5410 W Roosevelt Road, Suite 222
  • Chicago, IL 60644-1490

Print Your Claim Form Herewww.parcelpendingcallrecordingsettlement.com

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My All Savers Connect Login – UHC Member & Provider Portal

  • You can enter the portal with a username and password
  • Intended for members, employers, providers, and brokers
  • If you’re a new user you can sign up for online access
  • A variety of handy tools are featured at the portal
  • All Savers Connect login at


All Savers Login at www.myallsaversconnect.com


Overall, the My All Savers Connect portal from UHC is fairly easy to use.  In order to gain access, simply type in your password along with the username associated with your account.  Once you’ve successfully logged in you’ll have access to all the perks and benefits associated with your online account.  However, if your brand new to the portal, you’ll first need to register.  To do so, click the link below the login field at www.myallsaversconnect.com and clarify which type of user you are (member, employer, provider).  After signing up you can return to the login and proceed.

Just like many of the greatest employee discount portals, you’ll be ready to start saving in no time!



Featured at the My All Savers Connect Provider 

  • UHC Motion – Sign up and save on medical expenses just for walking around!
  • Doctor Search – Because finding the doctor you need shouldn’t be a pain
  • Rally – Informative videos, articles, and engaging sweepstakes are available
  • Just Plain Clear – Find out what those confusing health terms REALLY mean

In addition to easy login and registration, the All Savers login portal also provides easy access to a variety of general information.  To find out more, click the Member, Employer, Broker, or Provider tab and see what information is available for reference.  Additionally, members have access to a Welcome Guide that shows details on how to use the portal (please note the guide is in PDF format).


All Savers Login UHC Provider & Member Portal Help

If questions remain after taking a look at the Welcome Guide, you can always call UHC customer service for further help (or just cut to the chase and skip the guide all together!). Please note customer service is available between the hours of 7:30 AM and 8 PM CST Monday through Friday.

UHC Customer Service Number

  • 866-414-1959

Enter the portalwww.myallsaversconnect.com

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