Dominos Claim Rewards With Order Number

  • You’ll need the order number to claim your points
  • A drop down list is available to help locate your order
  • Please have your rewards code handy (you’ll need it)
  • Create an account at to begin

Dominos Claim Rewards & Add Your Points


When it comes to rewards programs Dominos has a very customer friendly approach. For instance, you can claim your points online in just a few easy steps by entering your order number from your receipt. In addition to the receipt, your order number is also located in your email confirmation and on the pizza box label.

In order to successfully claim your Dominos rewards simply follow these three easy steps.


Claiming Your Dominos Rewards at

  1. First enter the order number from your receipt, email confirmation, or pizza label
  2. For the next step go ahead and punch in your Dominos Reward Code
  3. Hit the Claim Points button to login to your Pizza Profile and add your rewards

By the way, there is a handy drop down box at that you can use to locate your order number. In order to use it first select receipt, email confirmation or pizza box label. Once you’ve made the selection an image will appear that shows EXACTLY where your order number is located. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Now there’s just one more thing we need to talk about here and that’s the conditions. While this may not be the most fun thing to discuss it should be kept in mind whenever you redeem your Dominos rewards.


dominos claim rewards

A Few Thing To Keep In Mind when Claiming Points at

  • Your order must be at least $10 in order to claim any points
  • You can only claim one previous order per month
  • A maximum of one order per 24 hour period is eligible
  •  If your order is 30 days old or more it’s no longer eligible

And that’s it. Everything you need to know about claiming your Domino’s rewards in one tidy package. The question is WHAT are you going to use those juicy points on? With so many great options at Dominos the answer to that question might be harder than it seems! We for one can never resist the Domino’s Brooklyn Style pizza. YUM.