Card Lock Feedback Survey – Enter To Win $100.00


  • You’ll need information from your purchase receipt to begin the survey
  • Alternative entry method is available if you don’t have your receipt
  • Once you complete the survey you can gain entry to the sweepstakes
  • Terms & Conditions are available at

When it comes to commercial fueling, nobody does it better than the National Fuel Network. However, even the best of the best need to hear from loyal customers every now and then. That’s where the Card Lock Feedback survey comes into play.

Beginning in January 2023, Card Lock customers will have the opportunity to take a brief online survey in exchange for entry to a lucrative sweepstakes. How lucrative? Let’s just say you’ll have a chance to win a whopping $100. Enough said? In order to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes simply complete the following steps.


Taking the Card Lock Feedback Survey at

  1. First enter the total amount of the purchase as shown on your receipt
  2. Next type in the time and date of your Card Lock purchase
  3. Find the store number on your receipt and enter it into the survey
  4. Once you’ve enter all the info click Start to begin answering the questions

By the way, you’re not complete out of luck if you lost the receipt. Phew. Thankfully, there’s an alternative entry process at While you won’t need your receipt for this entry method you WILL need a few pieces of other information. Here’s how to enter without your Card Lock receipt.


Steps For Taking the Card Lock Survey Without a Receipt

  1. Get started by selecting the county from the list of options in the drop down box
  2. For the next step go ahead and select the location at which you made your purchase
  3. Next, enter the amount you spend when refueling
  4. Finally, type in the date and time of your Card Lock purchase


And there you have it. Once you’re done providing feedback you’ll gain entry to the sweepstakes. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that $100 comes your way!

Speaking of the sweepstakes, here are some important rules to be aware of.


Card Lock Feedback Sweepstakes Rules

Before entering the sweepstakes at it’d be a good idea to review the rules. While the full set of rules is available at the bottom of the survey start page, here are some key highlights to remember.

  • The sweepstakes runs for over 10 months from January 1, 2023 through October 7, 2023
  • If you win the sweepstakes your prize will come in the form of a $100 online gift card
  • The sweepstakes will select a winner for each month that its open
  • Winners are selected around 10 days after the close of each monthly sweeps

By the way, you’ll receive notice of the win within 10 days of the prize selection. If you don’t respond to the winning notice within 5 days you’ll forfeit the prize. In other words, be sure to check your email each month!

In addition to the Card Lock Feedback survey entry you can also enter by mail. If you’d like to enter without taking the survey you’ll need to practice those composition skills. Wait, what? Yep, you’ll need to write a 100 paragraph about “Why you love National Fuel Network”. Ugh. To makes matters worse the paragraph must be HAND WRITTEN. Double ugh.

By now you have likely concluded that’d it’d be much easier to just take the survey at However, if you’re a glutton for punishment and wish to enter via the hand written paragraph method you’ll need to send the completed work to the below address.


Card Lock Feedback Sweepstakes Mail Entry Address

Parkland Corporation
1800, 240-4 Ave. SW
Calgary AB, Canada T2P 4H4