Benefits For You – Enter Retirement Planning Account


  • Existing clients can login with a username and password
  • New users must register before gaining account access
  • Benefits For You provides customer support by phone
  • Retirement planning news letter is available


In order to manage your retirement account at you’ll first need to register. Fortunately, you can sign up for an account online in just a few easy steps. Once you’ve complete the registration process you’ll be able to login to your account to begin planning your retirement. Below is a quick guide showing the 3 steps for registering your account online.


Benefits For You Account Registration Steps


  1. Enter your date of birth and SSN to begin registration
  2. Next complete all pages of the registration form
  3. Submit the form online to gain access to your new account

By the way, you can call the Benefits For You customer service center if you need help with registering your account. While there is no online chat feature, you can speak with a live representative by dialing 800-999-8786. Once you’ve successfully signed up for an account you can complete the login process. Here’s how.


Logging in at


In order to access your account click the Sign In button at the top right hand side of the screen. Once the next page appears type in your login information to access your account online.

Additionally, you can recover your login info by clicking the link beneath the username and password fields. After the recovery screen appears you’ll need to verify your identify before regaining account access.


Benefits For Your Retire On Target Newsletter 

Need a little help planning your retirement? Good news. You can now review the Retire On Target newsletter at And guess what? No registration is required!

In order to view the newsletter just scroll down to the Retire On Target section and pick which volume you’d like to brush up on. This is an amazing feature that allows clients to increase their knowledge and understanding of pretty much all things retirement related.


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