Tell Blaze Pizza Survey – Claim Your Sweet Treat


tell blaze pizza at


  • Customers can take a quick survey in exchange for a sweet treat
  • You must provide some basic information about your visit to begin
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish


Like to be rewarded? Have a few minutes to spare? You can now tell Blaze Pizza how your recent visit went in exchange for a free dessert at your next visit. If this sounds like a good deal you can begin by entering  the location of your visit at


Steps For Completing the Tell Blaze Pizza Survey


  1. Use the drop down box to select the country, state, and location of the visit
  2. Enter the date and time before clicking the Start button to pull up the survey
  3. Answer all of the questions regarding your experience at Blaze Pizza


By the way, you’ll need to provide an email address at the end of the survey to receive your free treat. Once provided you’ll receive instructions on how to claim the dessert at your next visit to Blaze Pizza.

While, the survey is pretty straight forward, there are a few things you should review prior to getting started.


Consumer Review of


  • The survey provides a copy of it’s privacy policy at the bottom of the start page
  • You can also view the terms of service for the survey administrator SMG
  • Click the Espanol link if you’d rather take the Tell Blaze Pizza survey in Spanish


So what are you’re thoughts? Is a few minutes of your time worth a sweet treat at your next visit to Blaze Pizza? The offer certainly seems like a good one to us. With delicious desserts at Blaze Pizza like the S’more Pie and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie this may be one survey that is too SWEET to pass up on!


Blaze Pizza Headquarters Address



Benefits For You – Enter Retirement Planning Account


  • Existing clients can login with a username and password
  • New users must register before gaining account access
  • Benefits For You provides customer support by phone
  • Retirement planning news letter is available


In order to manage your retirement account at you’ll first need to register. Fortunately, you can sign up for an account online in just a few easy steps. Once you’ve complete the registration process you’ll be able to login to your account to begin planning your retirement. Below is a quick guide showing the 3 steps for registering your account online.


Benefits For You Account Registration Steps


  1. Enter your date of birth and SSN to begin registration
  2. Next complete all pages of the registration form
  3. Submit the form online to gain access to your new account

By the way, you can call the Benefits For You customer service center if you need help with registering your account. While there is no online chat feature, you can speak with a live representative by dialing 800-999-8786. Once you’ve successfully signed up for an account you can complete the login process. Here’s how.


Logging in at


In order to access your account click the Sign In button at the top right hand side of the screen. Once the next page appears type in your login information to access your account online.

Additionally, you can recover your login info by clicking the link beneath the username and password fields. After the recovery screen appears you’ll need to verify your identify before regaining account access.


Benefits For Your Retire On Target Newsletter 

Need a little help planning your retirement? Good news. You can now review the Retire On Target newsletter at And guess what? No registration is required!

In order to view the newsletter just scroll down to the Retire On Target section and pick which volume you’d like to brush up on. This is an amazing feature that allows clients to increase their knowledge and understanding of pretty much all things retirement related.


Cuna Mutual Group Customer Service 


Paperless Employee Manpower Group – Employee Login


  • Existing employees can use a User ID and password to login
  • New employees must create and account in order to proceed
  • Access is available in English, French, or Spanish
  • Contact support for help with account registration


The process for logging into your account at is about as easy as it gets. In addition to a quick and concise login, the portal also offers a hassle-free way for new users to create an account online. Here’s a quick guide on how to create or login to your Paperless Employee Manpower Group account.


Steps For Logging Into Your Paperless Employee Manpower Account

  1. First go to on your computer or connected device
  2. Next, enter your User ID and your account password before tapping the Login button
  3. Click the links below the login fields if you’ve forgotten your User ID or password

In order to recovery your User ID you’ll need to confirm your SSN and the first 3 letters of your last name. Meanwhile, you can enter your User ID to begin the password recovery process. Once you’ve recovered your login information simply repeat the above steps to regain access to your account.


Creating Your Account at


To register for a new account you’ll first need to click the Create Account tab. Once the new page appears punch in your zip code, SSN, and the first 3 letters of your last name. This allows you to authenticate your account and proceed with registration. After you complete registration you’ll gain access to handy features such as online pay stubs and year end tax statements.

By the way, you can review the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page prior to creating an account. Needless to say, this is always a good idea when signing up for an online account.


Account Support at

While the Paperless Employee Manpower system provides easy over the phone support, you’ll first need to confirm which user segment you belong to in order to get connected with the right representative. For example, Manpower Associates will need to contact the Manpower Care Department at  844-243-3993 for assistance, Meanwhile, Experis consultants must call 800-326-6797 for help with their account.

Finally, Manpower Group staff can send an email to payroll support at


TBC Brands Customer First Survey – Enter To Win TBC Brands Customer First


  • You’ll gain entry to a sweepstakes after taking a brief survey
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • You can review a copy of the sweepstakes rules
  • Click start at to launch the survey


TBC Brands Customer First Survey Sweepstakes


It’s not every day a survey sweepstakes gives customers a chance to win prizes such as an Oculus or a Yeti. Believe it or not, the TBC Brands Customer First Survey is doing exactly that. So if getting your hands on one of these hot items sounds appealing, you’re in the right place!


Steps For Taking the Survey at


  1. Choose a which language you’d like to use to take the survey
  2. Hit the Start button and answer all of the questions
  3. Once prompted complete the survey and enter the sweepstakes


By the way, you can review the rules of the survey sweepstakes before getting started by clicking the link at the bottom right side of Speaking of the rules, let’s take a look at some important information to keep in mind!


TBC Brands Customer First Survey Sweepstakes


The survey runs from March 2022 through April 2023 and holds one drawing per month.

Every month the sweepstakes will give away a different prize with each holding a value of $499.

This is a far from a sure thing as your odds of winning a prize are approximately 1 in 24,000.

In addition to entering the sweepstakes via the survey you can also enter by mail.


While on the topic of the mail entry method please note that you’ll need to send your entry request to the below address. If you enter this way you do not have to take the survey at


TBC Brands Customer First Survey Sweepstakes Mail Entry Address


  • TBC Brands LLC, 4260 Design Center Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410


Paperless Employee Whataburger – Account Login


  • You can login using your User ID and password
  • New employees must create an account to begin
  • Username and password recovery is available
  • You can view account info in English, French, or Spanish


Accessing Your Paperless Employee Whataburger Account

If you’ve arrived at you’re likely wanting to access your employee account to view paystubs, retrieve tax statements, or gather online forms. Fortunately the process for access your Paperless Employee Whataburger account is VERY easy.

In order to access your account you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Let’s find out exactly how to login or activate your account so you can get the info you need and get on with your busy day!


Steps For Access Your Account at

Existing Users

  1. If you’ve already signed up for account skip the account creation process
  2. Enter your User ID into the first login field shown on the page
  3. Next enter your password directly below the User ID field
  4. Click login to enter your account and access your information


New Users

  1. Click the Create Account button to bring up the online registration form
  2. Enter your Employee ID, SSN, and date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy format)
  3. Confirm you’re not a pesky robot and authenticate your account

By the way, Family Members (a slick way for saying regular employees) must use the number they sign in and out of work with as their Employee ID. Meanwhile, supervisors and area managers must reach out to the Whataburger employees payroll team to get the information they need. Bummer.


Account Features at

Now that you have your account up and running you must be wondering what on earth you can sue it for. Good question! Here are just a few things your new account can provide.

Early Access to W2 – Get your forms earlier and in a reliable touch-free electronic format

E-Forms- All of your employee forms in one convenient online hub

Pay & Tax Info – Never get left in the dark and gather your payroll data securely and electrotonically


That about wraps things up. Overall the Paperless Employee Whataburger account is an amazing tool for new and existing employees alike so hopefully you’ve learned some vital information today!

Just one more thing. You can change the language shown on your screen by clicking the links at the top right hand side of


Dominos Claim Rewards With Order Number

  • You’ll need the order number to claim your points
  • A drop down list is available to help locate your order
  • Please have your rewards code handy (you’ll need it)
  • Create an account at to begin

Dominos Claim Rewards & Add Your Points


When it comes to rewards programs Dominos has a very customer friendly approach. For instance, you can claim your points online in just a few easy steps by entering your order number from your receipt. In addition to the receipt, your order number is also located in your email confirmation and on the pizza box label.

In order to successfully claim your Dominos rewards simply follow these three easy steps.


Claiming Your Dominos Rewards at

  1. First enter the order number from your receipt, email confirmation, or pizza label
  2. For the next step go ahead and punch in your Dominos Reward Code
  3. Hit the Claim Points button to login to your Pizza Profile and add your rewards

By the way, there is a handy drop down box at that you can use to locate your order number. In order to use it first select receipt, email confirmation or pizza box label. Once you’ve made the selection an image will appear that shows EXACTLY where your order number is located. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Now there’s just one more thing we need to talk about here and that’s the conditions. While this may not be the most fun thing to discuss it should be kept in mind whenever you redeem your Dominos rewards.


dominos claim rewards

A Few Thing To Keep In Mind when Claiming Points at

  • Your order must be at least $10 in order to claim any points
  • You can only claim one previous order per month
  • A maximum of one order per 24 hour period is eligible
  •  If your order is 30 days old or more it’s no longer eligible

And that’s it. Everything you need to know about claiming your Domino’s rewards in one tidy package. The question is WHAT are you going to use those juicy points on? With so many great options at Dominos the answer to that question might be harder than it seems! We for one can never resist the Domino’s Brooklyn Style pizza. YUM.

My Zaxbys Feedback Survey – Redeem Offer


  • Enter your receipt code to begin the customer survey
  • An accessibility friendly version of the survey is available
  • You can take the survey in English or Spanish
  • Terms are available at


My Zaxbys Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey


Whether you were completely floored by the level of service or left feeling down right disappointed, Zaxby’s wants to hear about it. And what better way to express your thoughts than a quick and easy online survey? Especially when there’s a FREE offer involved!

In order to complete the My Zaxbys Feedback survey simply follow these three steps.


Steps To Follow at


  1. First you’ll need to find the receipt from your visit and locate a live internet connection
  2. Once you’ve arrived at the survey simply enter the code located on your receipt
  3. Hit the start button and answer all of the questions in the customer survey

After you’ve complete the My Zaxbys Feedback survey you’ll receive a validation code that you can use to redeem the offer shown on your receipt. Now that wasn’t so hard was it? We didn’t think so. In just a few minutes you’ve provided Zaxby’s with some valuable feedback and earned yourself a sweet reward at the same time. Talk about a true win-win situation.

By the way, there are a few more features available that you should take note of.


More Features Available at 


You can review the Terms & Services along with the Privacy policy by clicking the link at the bottom of the survey.

Click the link at the top of to load the accessibility friendly version.

In addition to English the survey is also available in Spanish. Click the link at the bottom right hand side of the survey to switch languages.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about taking the My Zaxbys Feedback survey and redeeming your special offer. All in a days work!


HBO Max TV Sign In – Enter Code & Activate


  • Enter your HBO Max TV sign in code exactly as it’s shown
  • The HBO Max sign in code is 6 digits in length
  • Click the box at the top of to begin
  • Help Center is available for questions about the TV sign in


So you want to watch HBO Max on your TV but don’t know how to get started. You’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, HBO Max makes the process for setting up your TV for streaming incredibly easy. To say the least. Anyways, here’s a step by step guide on how to activate your TV.


HBO Max TV Sign In Step By Step Guide

  1. Pull up the HBO Max app on your TV and when prompted visit
  2. Enter the 6 digit code shown on your TV into the spaces provided on your device
  3. Click Next to complete the activation process ands begin steaming HBO Max on your TV

By the way, if you get stuck during this process or are experience technical problems you can always check out the HBO Max Help Center. Speaking of the help center, let’s find out what they have to offer!


Help Center Options at

  • Sign In Help – Good for customers who are having trouble logging in
  • Account Help – Topics such as how to change account info and plan options
  • Troubleshooting – Go here if your experiencing technical problems with the app
  • Using HBO Max – Explore all the great features to enhance your viewing experience


In addition to the topics above, the HBO Max TV Sign In Help Center also offers a search option. In order to use this simply type your query into the search bar at the top of the page. Next choose relevant topic from the listings that appear to review information on how to solve your current issue.


Card Lock Feedback Survey – Enter To Win $100.00


  • You’ll need information from your purchase receipt to begin the survey
  • Alternative entry method is available if you don’t have your receipt
  • Once you complete the survey you can gain entry to the sweepstakes
  • Terms & Conditions are available at

When it comes to commercial fueling, nobody does it better than the National Fuel Network. However, even the best of the best need to hear from loyal customers every now and then. That’s where the Card Lock Feedback survey comes into play.

Beginning in January 2023, Card Lock customers will have the opportunity to take a brief online survey in exchange for entry to a lucrative sweepstakes. How lucrative? Let’s just say you’ll have a chance to win a whopping $100. Enough said? In order to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes simply complete the following steps.


Taking the Card Lock Feedback Survey at

  1. First enter the total amount of the purchase as shown on your receipt
  2. Next type in the time and date of your Card Lock purchase
  3. Find the store number on your receipt and enter it into the survey
  4. Once you’ve enter all the info click Start to begin answering the questions

By the way, you’re not complete out of luck if you lost the receipt. Phew. Thankfully, there’s an alternative entry process at While you won’t need your receipt for this entry method you WILL need a few pieces of other information. Here’s how to enter without your Card Lock receipt.


Steps For Taking the Card Lock Survey Without a Receipt

  1. Get started by selecting the county from the list of options in the drop down box
  2. For the next step go ahead and select the location at which you made your purchase
  3. Next, enter the amount you spend when refueling
  4. Finally, type in the date and time of your Card Lock purchase


And there you have it. Once you’re done providing feedback you’ll gain entry to the sweepstakes. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that $100 comes your way!

Speaking of the sweepstakes, here are some important rules to be aware of.


Card Lock Feedback Sweepstakes Rules

Before entering the sweepstakes at it’d be a good idea to review the rules. While the full set of rules is available at the bottom of the survey start page, here are some key highlights to remember.

  • The sweepstakes runs for over 10 months from January 1, 2023 through October 7, 2023
  • If you win the sweepstakes your prize will come in the form of a $100 online gift card
  • The sweepstakes will select a winner for each month that its open
  • Winners are selected around 10 days after the close of each monthly sweeps

By the way, you’ll receive notice of the win within 10 days of the prize selection. If you don’t respond to the winning notice within 5 days you’ll forfeit the prize. In other words, be sure to check your email each month!

In addition to the Card Lock Feedback survey entry you can also enter by mail. If you’d like to enter without taking the survey you’ll need to practice those composition skills. Wait, what? Yep, you’ll need to write a 100 paragraph about “Why you love National Fuel Network”. Ugh. To makes matters worse the paragraph must be HAND WRITTEN. Double ugh.

By now you have likely concluded that’d it’d be much easier to just take the survey at However, if you’re a glutton for punishment and wish to enter via the hand written paragraph method you’ll need to send the completed work to the below address.


Card Lock Feedback Sweepstakes Mail Entry Address

Parkland Corporation
1800, 240-4 Ave. SW
Calgary AB, Canada T2P 4H4


Learn How to Pay Your Shed Payment Online (It’ Easy)

  • You must select a specific company to begin a payment
  • The payment system requires that you login your account
  • If you’re a new user you can create an online account
  • Online password recovery assistance is available

Being a new renter of some much needed storage space is good feeling.  However, most would agree that the act of paying for it is not quite as pleasant.  The good news is you can now get rid of this chore without breaking a sweat at  In order to begin a payment, you’ll first need to select the company you’re making the payment to.  Once you select the company, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can login and pay the piper.

Let’s Learn More!
  • In order to reset your password simply enter the email you use to login top the system
  • You can also rest a password by entering an email, account number, and agreement number
  • To create a new account you must enter an email address and come up with a password
  • The account creation and password reset processes are the same for all available vendors

By the way, the payment system at allows you to make a payment to 6 different companies (a nice little one-stop-shop!)  So with further ado, here’s a list of the names and contact information for all 6.

Companies Accepting Payments
  • Lokey Rentals & Sales – PO Box 330707, Murfreesboro, TN 37133
  • Big Shed Rental Company – PO Box 331378, Murfreesboro, TN 37133
  • Home Safe Portable Storage – PO Box 331394, Murfreesboro, TN 37133
  • US Shed Rentals – Phone Number – 855-425-4535
  • Secure Storage Rentals – PO Box 330773, Murfreesboro, TN 37133
  • Green Tree Rentals – PO Box 332287, Murfreesboro, TN 37133

In closing, is an easy way to keep your storage shed rental unit current.  Regardless of the vendor, you have access to a simple account creation process along with easy to understand password reset instructions.  Hopefully, you’ve learned enough to complete your payment and keep that shed open.

Please note that if you’re looking to make a payment to Continental Shed Rental, you’ll need to pay by phone.  In order to do so, just call 855-425-4535. This number can also be used to provide feedback on your experience.

Ready to test what you’ve learned?